The Southern Cross Reining Horse Association Launches

The SCRHA is an independent body, with no direct Affiliation with any other Australian Reining Body.

We are not exclusive and welcome everyone to come and ride with us. Reining is an incredible sport and is supported by a group of wonderful passionate Reiners who love this sport. We all have a common goal – to promote Reining!

The SCRHA do not wish to compete with any other Association. There is plenty of room in Australia to have more shows, and allow the opportunity for all Reining enthusiasts to show their horse.

We hope that many riders may attend both our show and others around Australia aswell, such as the Reining Australia National Show.

We wish to grow Reining in Australia. We do not wish to create conflict. The Reining community deserves better.

We will therefore not respond to any allegations which may be brought against us or to create uncertainty of the validity of our show. Reiners in Australia are already confused and we do not wish to add to this confusion.

Our only statement on this matter is as follows:

“The SCRHA confirms the show being held on the 23rd – 28th September 2019 is NRHA approved. It does not require any other show approval as which may be indicated by other Associations”.

This show is going ahead. And this will not change despite any protests which may come our way. We are looking forward to promoting the growth of Reining in Australia.

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Awesome l know where l will be. It’s about showing my horse.Plus being on my own travelling long roads, KRanch suits me better on so many different levels.

Wendy starr
June 12, 2019 2:36 pm

Exciting to have this new club we will try hard to go to the big show

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